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Cambria Mortgage is a boutique Brokerage with offices in North Carolina and Texas.  We market exclusively by referral -- our focus being on exceeding all stakeholder expectations and developing client advocates for our services.  With a keen focus on customer care, communications and effective technology, we've been blessed to develop an incredibly loyal client base.  With over sixty (60) years of combined mortgage experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and guidance to each of our clients.

We support and originate all conventional loan products -- conforming, VA, FHA & USDA.  Our funding is sourced through a variety of lenders -- this becomes extremely important since no two (2) lending sources interpret lending guidelines similarly . . . what may prove a roadblock with one lender may not be detrimental to a second lender.  Our experience and expertise enables us to provide more effective range of solutions than many banks or single source lenders.


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